Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again...

Summer and show season that is. I'm both excited and dreading it this year. I'm not taking many to Fonda. Three at most. And yes family I am sticking with that number!

So far there is the oldest of my Jersey calves from this year, Snickers. She's growthy and sweet, but my cows growthy is other farms puny so who knows? I like her though, she is really correct.
Snickers at a couple days old

Then there is Mandolin Rain. Who will show as a dry cow this year as we had some difficulties getting her settled last summer, she went cystic darned cow. But it allowed me to get her bred to Roylane Jordan, unfortunately for a late October calf but ah well.
Mandy (photo by Mom many moons ago at Altamont)

Finally there is Mandy's Blitz daughter. Blitz still has to come through calving. She is due, also to Roy, the week the family is at camp. Yikes. I am on my own. Whimper. Help! Hopefully her calf will be easy for her to birth. However, at the moment, the baby is seeming to be quite large. Could just be that it is my backside that is getting bumped through Mommy's tummy as I milk both her and her mother. I have to dry Blitz off in a week and I am not sure HOW I am going to be successful. She's still making over 40 lbs. With barely more than a handful of grain. She is getting less than my other dry cows. Which really scares me!
Blitz as a Junior calf at Altamont (again by Mom) Blitz just turned three so that tells you how old this pic is!

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Anonymous said...

best wishes on the '09 show season...i know what ya mean about being "good" at home vs. other farms..but put up a good fight, i really didn't mean to use that word in it's true sense...i mean don't back down..bla,bla,bla..good luck in the ring!