Thursday, August 20, 2009

Awesome News...

...On the Jersey front. Most years I pick a young sire by a bull I want to use, but don't want to spend the money on, for both my Jerseys and my Holsteins. With the Holsteins I also use what we have in the tank, and generally a few other youngsters because, well, unlike the Jerseys, I have more than 7.

A few years ago my Jersey pick was a bull named WF Centurn Seize the Moment. Sired by Centurion and out of the amazing 96 point Counciller Sheba I fell in love with his pedigree and parent averages.

Well this month Moment came out with a proof. It isn't that fantastic. Everything is pretty middle of the road, moderate or a little below average. However, I have TWO daughters. Both of which so far look pretty fantastic. The older one is due late December early January to Mecca. And the other if she is bred which she hasn't cycled since I serviced her, and she kind of has the look, is due in late March early April to a young sire by Iatola out of a Jude called Brigade (link is a PDF so be prepared for very slow loading if you are curious about him).

I actually had a different bull than Brigade picked out. But my blasted sales rep, who resigned recently and left all his dairies in the lurch with no coverage, despite my calling and saying I want 5 units of Grady, sent it all back. "Oh I didn't know that was the one you wanted". So I had to pick a different bull, as I had 2 cows in heat that day, and couldn't wait for him to order it back for me.

On another note my Duce daughter is growing nicely! If she keeps going the way she is now I hope to show her next fall. This year though I didn't have the energy to deal with all the blood work and major headaches of showing a Jersey winter calf. Frankly every time I have I end up with stomped feet. Young Jerseys seem to always want to walk on your feet instead of their own. Which is problematic in the ring...

Anyways I am off to work. Late but oh well. Take care everyone! I've got to check the heifers on the hill today, so I will have photos of the two Moment daughters later!

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