Friday, February 26, 2010

I Was Hopeful...And Now Am Tickled ROAN

Ever since Broadway, Mom's shiny mahogany red and white Shorthorn-Holstein cross, was born, I've been hoping for a red roan to show. A little better than 9 months ago, Bdub was approaching time to be re-bred. Last year for her first baby she was bred to a Jersey bull. Which let me tell you the 3-way cross....looks like a leggy Jersey. Anyway when the stud rep for Select came in, we asked what he had on the truck for Shorthorn bulls. Mom's pick was a solid red bull, my preference was for a beautiful heavily roaned cow's son named Poker...He had Poker on the truck...So Poker we bought.

Fast forward nine months, and nearly two weeks as lovely Broadway went WAY overdue. Add to the nine months two weeks and however many days a lovely snow storm which dumped roughly a foot of snow, plus rain, and this morning balls of sleet, and what do you get?

That's right optimum calving time for a perverse cow. SO last night Mom Dad and I delivered (breech of course, I mean why would the calf come frontwards and make SOMETHING go right?) a big beautiful red and white and ROAN calf... And a heifer at that.

This morning despite her ordeal last night she was up and eager for her milk. She's a real long legged big deep calf. Hopefully all will go well and I can maybe show her this summer. I'm really hoping. After all...This is our first eligible Shortie....And she is CUTE! To see her pic go to Mom's blog Northview Diary.

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