Saturday, December 6, 2008

Not Much...

To report.

Things here have been totally average. Aside from Dad blowing up the engine on our big tractor, there really hasn't been a whole lot going on. I did go to the college and give my final report on my internship. Got my grade, all that was available was a "S" for satisfactory, or a "U" for unsatisfactory. Suffice to say I got my "S"...and hopefully since I am not a total graduate at some point the darn college will send me my diploma...yeah it took them almost a year last time!

We are starting to get to where we will be having calves coming again. Next animal up is 203, Cider, due the 19th. She's a heifer of dad's. She's bred to Citation R Maple. We have a couple bred to him, a couple to Straight-Pine Elevation Pete, and a few others bred to the shorthorn we sold back in January, Promise.

The next heifers after her are Hollywood Kiss (one of my girls) and Bonneville (Alans). They're also due to R Maple. Both on the 22nd of December. I'm really hoping Hollywood has a girl. She is one of the sweetest critters in the batch right now. I doubt she will be a quiet milker though. Her mother is always crazy. And her aunt is just plain NUTS! She jumped all over Alan last night, and that is just the latest of her human punching bag incidences.

There are a few cows thrown into the mix, such as my semi-retired show cow Spruce. She is bred to a red Holstein bull named Kingdom. I'm hoping for a heifer, red or not doesn't matter so much as I don't think there is any red in Spruce. She is due on Christmas so I am hoping for a healthy bouncy present.

After her is my 3 year old Jersey Hooter. She is bred to a Jersey bull named Duce. I know nothing about him. I just know that she had been EEDing on my every time I bred her to CGar. And since he was rather costly, and I was sick of her dumping the calf, we bred her to Duce which we had in the tank for the real small Holsteins that we weren't running with Promise.

And then there is Salt Lake...She is bred to just bred to O-C-E-C Lindy Fred...She was very nearly sold because she kept attacking me...Instead we just dried her off a little early. I have to admit I am kind of glad we kept her, because we are going to REALLY need the milk.

There are a couple of other heifers due next month. Dixie, my very best show cow, has a grand daughter Dixon, a red carrier, due on the fourth to Pete. I should have bred her to R Maple. Then I would have had a chance for a red calf. Oh well. If she comes through well and there are no problems there is next year.

That is all for now. I am going to take my camera to the barn tonight if I can remember it. And snap some Come Monday and Trent pictures. Those babies are so darned cute! And growing pretty well I think.

Til Then...

Happy Holidays!

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anxiuosly awaiting the pic's...:)