Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fonda Fair

We are very shortly going to be off to the Fonda fair. This is my only show this year. Sadly. We chose not to go to Altamont. I have had enough of their mistreatment of exhibitors. Their unwillingness to bring in decent grand stand shows. And their exorbitant fees. I'm sorry but $12.00 to get into that fair is awful. There is nothing there anymore! It is just terrible. I mean it would have cost me nearly $200.00 just to enter my stock. And I would have gotten one exhibitors pass (for 7 head of cows) and three helpers passes at best. Fonda I spent $48.00 entering those same 7 cows, with a couple of group classes. Got my exhibitors pass, plus Dad has a life or he would have gotten one too, and 21 helpers passes. And I will have parking passes and such.

Anyway we are scrambling getting the stock ready. Mom has been helping me wash heifers like Asaki and I am clipping as much as I am able. We finally got the swelling down on Blitz's leg. Though we still don't know what on earth she did. Whether it was an injury or a sting or a reaction to something or what else we don't know but she is healing so that is the important part. Mandy and Lemonade look good. Moon is shaping up nice. November is well November. Asaki is small for her age but a good filler. And I still haven't decided if I want to take Hazel, my two year old Jersey, but I may as there aren't many Jerseys there.

I'll post some pictures and such later in the week!


Anonymous said...

Ode to Fonda.
You are close to home
You have GREAT food
Trent Tomlinson ROCKS!

Paintsmh said...