Saturday, February 23, 2008

Update on Neon Moon

Some days I am in the mood to fool with the calves in the winter. They are few and far between. It is cold gray and dull most days, making me just want to curl up and nap. Today however it is bright and sunny, fairly warm given that it is February, and I had the urge.

So I went out and fed corn meal and soy to the top producers that get it top dressed on their feeds. And haltered ole Neon Moon. Who is actually going to be 8 months old the first. Whoo hoo for her.

I led her a couple weeks ago, but dang it she is getting big! And by big I mean her head is already above my shoulder when I get her walking! Fortunately, except for today (she is in heat and wanting a boyfriend) she is a gentle giant. She loves to go out and walk around the barn. Granted there are times when she would obviously rather go at a dead run. It was a bit interesting leading her today I have to admit. Though after a few minutes she settled down and walked nice and slow and easy. Thank God for quiet cows.

I am debating going back out after a fresh cup of coffee and a piece of my Momma's apple crisp to lead Asaki and November for a while. They are both little babies and shouldn't give me too much trouble (yeah right their cows).


Rob said...

I'm getting pretty tired of the cold, gray days myeself. Fortunately, we've at least had a few slightly better days this week - but I'm still ready for spring. Some mornings it's been so cold that there are icicles hanging hanging in the parlor.

It's almost March... Shouldn't be much longer before it at least begins to improve a bit!

Paintsmh said...

We just got another foot of snow yesterday and it is still coming down. Making it very hard to deal with the work. And I know all about the cold parlors. Thank God we have a tie barn. Stays halfway warm. But when I was still doing stuff in the college dairy barn the whole place was frozen from November straight through to the middle of April. It was ugly.

And March can't get here soon enough for me. Almost all my two year old show cows are due and I can't wait to see what they look like. Though I am not getting any heifer calves which really makes me dread show season.

Hope all is going well with you!