Thursday, December 6, 2007

Some New Calves

We've had a couple new calves in the last few months. Old Boston, one of my former class winners from her younger years, dropped a lovely little Rain heifer calf awhile back. And Crescendo, a little first calf girl, had a crossbred heifer that we are considering keeping. And then finally, last night, Brink, a big old cow, who is also Blink's dame (Blink is the french fry eating heifer from my show string), dropped a MONSTER of a heifer calf. The baby is huge. And I think she is going to be a nice looker too. She's a Four of a Kind Eland daughter. The Elands usually aren't too awful big when they mature, but maybe I can push her enough to keep some size on her. Her front legs have some issues with contracted tendons right now, but I can fix them easily enough. I've definitely seen worse. This new one is going to be Frieland E November, for the Emerson Drive song. Boston's is I guess either still waiting of a name, or nobody has told me it. Not sure. I know Bachlava (definitely spelled wrong) was an option, not sure if that was what was decided on or what.

Anywho, life is crazy right now. Only one week of class left, then finals, then a break, then Christmas and New Years, followed by the PBR event in January at the Times Union Center, then off to do my internship. Busy busy busy!

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