Friday, October 12, 2007

Crazy Couple of Days: And a "Name That Darn Calf"

It's been a crazy week here. Becky and I had Monday and Tuesday off extra from school for fall break. Alan got last Friday and this Monday off. Loads of work was done by all. And Wednesday afternoon, my crazy, mean, snake of a cow Soir dropped her the very bottom of the ravine in the cow pasture. No one could get her or the calf out. She started attacking the banks the second Dad started down (which his going down was a bad plan anyways what with his broken shoulder and all). So we left her and baby out there figuring she is a smart enough cow, she'd get the two of them up and out. Which she did.

However, that didn't mean the two of them got into the barn. She wouldn't come down, and Dad couldn't get her Thursday morning, what with it is blacker than black out when we start up. And Thursday night was the Montgomery County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting. I was taking Brandon to that with us so I had to go back to school during milking to get him, so I didn't go out at all. Total side note, but I was elected to the board of directors for our county. I am so excited.

But anyhow. This morning she didn't come down either. And as Brandon spent the night, I had to get him back over to school. So I left her on pasture. Then tonight who should walk into the barn but good ole Soir (I'm being sarcastic about the 'good')...yet no baby. So as Becky Dad and I were the only ones in the barn, Beck and I headed up to see if we could find it. After about 20 minutes with no luck, we went back down cause we did have to milk. Only to discover that Soir baby cousin and my darling two year old show heifer, Spruce, was also missing. Spruce was due the 20th of this month. Panic mode time, as neither of us had seen her up there and she was WAY ready to calve. So Becky and Alan went back up to find both the cow, her possible calf, and hopefully Soir's little bipper.

Which they did. Both calves are girls. I am so thrilled. Counting the calf I bought this spring that makes six heifers for me in over a year. The one calf (Spruce's) is by a calving ease sire, as with first timers it is best to err on the side of caution. I'm gonna call her 'Syracuse'. We love their basket ball team, and I think it really fits her.

The other one I haven't decided on a name. Which is were all you come in. Anyone who wants to put a "S" name in for consideration can do so. If she's dried up enough in the morning I'll snag some pictures of both of them. That way everybody can see what they look like and pick from there. So put in the names. I need the help. I've got three different 'S' families, and they are all real prolific breeders, so there are a WHOLE LOT of them!!


NumberWise said...

Cool story!

Sneezey, Snazzy, Soapbubble, Silica, Sometimes, Salutation.

Cubby said...

Sambuca, Sierra, Swisher

Paintsmh said...

Hey guys, thanks for all the comments. And Cubby, Sierra was actually a name of one of their grand-mother's other daughters.