Saturday, July 14, 2007

Update On Mandy and Her Baby

I just realized that I never put on this blog that Mandy had indeed calved. About two am on July first actually. She dropped a big beautiful heifer calf whom I named Neon Moon. Head over to Buckin Junction because I did put some pictures of her up over there. Mandy and Moon are both doing well, with Mandy making loads of milk, and Moon growing bigger every day...which somewhat concerns me, Moon's growing that is. I don't want her growing so fast she hurts herself.


Cattiva said...

She is a truly beautiful lady (judging by your header pic).

I just wanted to say that it's pretty cool to see a blog like this from a "kid" (relatively speaking - read that, compared to my age!) like you.

I too, grew up on a farm (in VA), though mine was a horse farm. I was VERY active in 4-H on all levels up to National Round-Up (twice, 2 different events of course). I went to college working on an Ag degree, on a "horse" scholarship and did a summer internship on a dairy farm. It was THE HARDEST I have ever worked in my life!

So again, it is so very refreshing to read your blog. I look forward to many future visits!

Paintsmh said...

Hi Cattiva. And I don't mind the 'kid' comment. I only just managed to qualify for the 'a-dolt' table in my family, as opposed to the kid table.

I did 4-H for years as well. Mostly dairy, but some horse stuff as well. It was a great learning experience.

And thank you for the kind comment on my cow. She is a gentle giant, and a fellow who stopped by the farm the other day was quite impressed.

Thanks for stopping over, glad you enjoyed your visit.