Friday, March 9, 2007

Frieland MGLEN Sequioa

Stealing some more photos from Mom. Sorry Mommy!

January, 2006.

February, 2007

As of right now we believe Sequioa is giving around 90-100 pounds of milk a day, but we will know for sure when we test, which should be sometime this week.


Cubby said...

Sequioa does not look happy about the headlock! Don't turn your back on her.

Paintsmh said...

LOL. I was scratching her throat. She always sticks her head right out going 'more more more'. She's a big kitten. Absolutely adorable.
Thanks for stopping over cubby!

Breezey375 said...

Another cow I loves... Do you own all the cows I like well 'cept fifty who's my baby... Put a photo of her up just 'cause I love her... 'Kay, beautiful, sweet sister of mine? PLEASE???

Paintsmh said...

But I do not even like her. She's mean as a snake to just about everybody, and she tries to kill calves, even her own. Makes her very not nice in my book.